Course I: The Scribe Who Dreams & See Visions

Course Summary

In COURSE I, foundations for the scribal realm of dreams and visions is set in tremendous detail, enabling the prophetic writer and prophetic recorder to become familiar with the language of the scribal realm of dreams and visions; and to understand scripturally how significant this teaching is to the life of a prophetic scribe. Specifically, we build by looking specifically at the dream lives of GOD, CHRIST & FINALLY PEOPLE from a strictly scribal level. We also examine the role of Holy Spirit in our dreams lives, and look at angels as the scribes of heaven (from the perspective of The Scribal Anointing) to make some critical, divine and necessary connections.

An entirely new dimension is opened up to the prophetic scribe, enabling them to see the world of dreams and visions through a fresh, 21st century revelatory lens based on the New Covenant. It is upon this foundation that we will continue building throughout our time within the Dream Writers' Academy. COURSE I is required before advancing to the next course. This comprehensive teaching is the BEGINNING LEVEL to all teachings related to the scribal realm of dreams and visions, based exclusively on The Scribal Anointing teachings.

All students start here.

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The Dream Writers' Academy



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Danielle Taylor

Amazingly Mind-Blowing!

If a person considers themselves a dreamer, or even called to the dream realm, and needs biblical understanding, from a NEW COVENANT perspective then I urge and encourage this course for beginners or anyone that have questions about what it means to be called to the dream realm. How we are to operate from that place, and how important it is to be a Scribe. For me the mind-blowing part was God's dream realm... just being brought to the forefront....This course will open up your spiritual understanding for the dream realm, and most importantly; it will cause you to mature in the things of God concerning the area of dreams that you are called to, you will NEVER look at it the same way EVER again.

1 year ago
Bernadine Okoro

Bernadine Okoro

This course was PHENOMENAL! The teachings on dreams and visions were from a different aspect that I had not heard before. This is the ONLY teaching that I have ever heard that explained the book of REVELATION in an insightful way. Earlier in the year, I felt impressed to stay in the book of Revelation for my own personal study. This teaching has made me see the book of Revelation in a WHOLE new way! Excellent beginning course!!! Can't wait to dive into Course 2!!

2 years ago
Renikko Bivens


Very informative! I learned so much and gained so much revelation through this course. Most teachings I've taken on dreams and visions focus heavily on dreams, with only minimal covering of visions. As someone who has twice as many visions as dreams, I found this course to be very well balanced. For me, there was definitely an impartation that took place during this course. I can't wait to dive into course II!

2 years ago
Janet Giessl

A Bible-based course about the dream realm for Prophetic Scribes

If you are a prophetic scribe who is assigned to the realm of dreams and visions, you definitely need to take this course because you will not find a Bible-based course about the dream realm anywhere specifically assigned to prophetic scribes that teaches from the New Testament perspective in which God is the dreamer Himself and shares His dreams and visions with you within your scribal dream realm. This is an amazing course that will help you and mature you in your spiritual calling and gifts as a prophetic scribe.

2 years ago
Joanne Suther


If you are a dreamer you need this course to mature in the calling of your measure. The foundation of seeing your dreams as God sees them will propel you to another level of maturity. I am excited to continue dreaming and learning.

3 years ago